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tn_curled straws_tied.jpg Toy Making Supplies Logobirdtrans.gif $25.00 Minimum Order, Please Click Guidelines for Info VITACRITTER:  Bird Safe Colorant Toy Making Supplies Next Page   >> <<   Previous Page     ||     Top     ||     Supplies    >> View Cart View Cart vitacritter.jpg Navidad Red - Crash Orange - Chico Yellow - Liberty Spring Green - Darby Green - Vida Teal Blue - Romeo Blue - Sandy’s Favorite Purple - Zazu Pink Mal's-E: Add VitaCritter 9/1oz - Combo Pack to cart

VitaCritter 8oz ~ Single Bottles ~~ $11.99

VitaCritter 9-1oz Bottles ~ Combo Pack Bottles ~~ $34.50

To achieve the most vibrant colors, we recommend mixing your

VitaCritter with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.  The alcohol evaporates

when dry and is 100% bird safe.

International orders,  please send order to: Sales@parrottoyangels.org. We’ll calculate the shipping & send you an invoice. 12MM (½”) O-Ring NP/Non-welded  20/$1.25 4MM Wide Jaw Quick Links  Approx. 1-Ύ” - NP   $0.85 each Medium Pear Links  1-⅜ - NP  10/$0.25 each NP HARDWARE:  O-rings, Links ORing.JPG medpearlink.jpg 4mmqlink.bmp Mal's-E: Add 4MM Quick Links to cart Mal's-E: Add Medium Pear Links/10 pk. to cart Large Pear Links  1-⅞ - NP  10/$0.29 each Mal's-E: Add Large Pear Links/10 pk. to cart Mal's-E: Add 12MM O-Rings/20 pk. to cart 16MM (⅝”) O-Ring NP/Non-welded  20/$1.30 Mal's-E: Add 16MM O-Rings/20 pk. to cart LEATHER:  Vegetable Tanned 100% Bird Safe Leather Lace - Veggie Tanned  ⅛” x 36”    $1.40 per 36” Leather-Strips.jpg Mal's-E: Add Leather 1/8 x 36" to cart Leather Washers 1-⅝” x 5/16” x 1/16”   $0.25 each leather washers.jpg Mal's-E: Add Leather Washers to cart Curled Straws Approx. 7” long - Neon/Primary Mix   50/$3.00 8” Plastic Straws Assorted Neon & Primary   100/$1.50 Wacky Whirly Easy curl maker!   $3.95 Mal's-E: Add Wacky Whirly to cart wacky-whirly-tool-250x250.jpg WACKY WHIRLY:  Birds love “Angel Curls” plastic-straw-250x250.jpg Mal's-E: Add 8" Straws to cart curled straws2.jpg curled straws_close.jpg Mal's-E: Add Curled Straws - 7"/50 pcs. to cart Zip ties are great for attaching. All the work has been done – Clump ‘em, tie ‘em, offer ‘em
Paper Rope ⅛” twisted   $0.22 per foot paper rope_br2.jpg Mal's-E: Add Paper Rope to cart Paper Cups 1-Ό” x 2” - Great for foraging   20/$2.25 nutcups_crop.jpg Crinkle Shreds - Gallon bag full Custom color blend   4 oz./$1.95 customshreds 001.jpg Mal's-E: Add Crinkle Shreds to cart Mal's-E: Add Paper Cups/ 20 pk. to cart 2” x 2” x 2” Kraft Boxes Great foragers   $0.45 each Mal's-E: Add Kraft Boxes 2" to cart kraft pillow pouches.jpg kraft boxes.jpg 3” x 3” x 3” Kraft Boxes Great foragers   $0.50 each Mal's-E: Add Kraft Boxes 3" to cart


Kraft Pillow Pouches 3-½” x 2-½” - Great foragers   $0.40 each Mal's-E: Add Kraft Pillow Pouches to cart PAPER:  Foraging & Shreddables swiss cheese shredders.JPG Holey Shredders 1-½” x 1-½” - All natural   20/$3.25 Mal's-E: Add Holey Shredders/ 20 pk. to cart