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Birdie Stockings ~ Every birdie needs one!! View Cart International orders,  please send order to: Sales@parrottoyangels.org. We’ll calculate the shipping & send you an invoice. More stockings added  upon completion.   Need a stocking  you don’t see pictured? Email us.... The Stocking Angel  can make it!! Please specify personalization information in the “Special Request” box on order form. $23.00 Any Species Available Hand made with love Order Now!! Beat the rush!! Need a stocking not shown? E us....we’ll be glad to make it Email Non-Personalized Stockings: Personalized Stockings: $27.00 Non-Personalized Stockings ~ Stuffed: Personalized Stockings ~ Stuffed: $38.75 ** STUFFED STOCKINGS ** Will arrive with *at least* 15 size appropriate footers $44.75 tn_stuffedstocking_close.jpg African Greys CAG TAG Canary Capes Eclectus Female Ekkie Male Ekkie Conures ~ continued Green Cheek Sun Nanday Peach Front Cockatoos Umbrella ‘Too Goffin ‘Too Moluccan ‘Too Galah ‘Too Amazons Blue Front ‘Zon Mexican Red Head Orange Winged Yellow Naped Budgies Yellow Budgie Yellow & Green Macaws Blue & Gold Greenwing Hahns Scarlet Severe Speckled Double Yellow Head Maroon Belly Blue Crown Senegals Meyers Quakers Green Blue Ringnecks Blue IRN Cinnamon Moustache Parakeet Parrotlets Blue ‘Let Green ‘Let Amazons ~ continued Mealy ‘Zon Sulphur Crested ‘Too Cockatiels Lovebirds Blue Masked Pionus White Capped Blue Headed Bronze Winged Rosella Eastern Lutino Cockatiel Grey Cockatiel White Bellied Black Headed Caiques Red Factor Grey Blue Budgie Conures Yellow Side Green Cheek Red Bellied stocking refill.jpg Stocking Refill now available!! 8 - 12 size-appropriate footers.  Holiday colors!  $21.50
Macaws ~ cont. Catalina
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