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<<   Previous Page     ||     Top     ||    Toys    >> Medium - Large Toys Logobirdtrans.gif $25.00 Minimum Order, Please Click Guidelines for Info Egg Carton Fun 13” Long - 5” Wide Asst. Colors Available Medium - Large birds  $19.99 Double Ball Fun 12” Long - Colors/decorations vary Ntrl hemp, plastic daisys, beads Medium birds  $15.50 Mal's-E: Add Double Ball Fun to cart 16” Long Plastic fish, Paulie rope, beads Medium birds  $17.50 Mal's-E: Add Fishy Fun to cart Fishy Fun Stainless Steel Buckets Shredding Fun Mat 12” x 12” - No 2 alike Lots of textures  Medium - Large birds  $25.99 Mal's-E: Add Shredding Fun Mat to cart busy balls_teal.jpg rainys frazzle.jpg Rainy’s Frazzle Approx. 10” Long  Ntrl hemp, natural cups, shred Medium birds  $15.99 Mal's-E: Add Rainy's Frazzle to cart Busy Ball 4” Diameter  Vine balls, NP chain, muffin cups Medium birds  $12.99
Stuffed Shredder Mats 7” x 7” -  No 2 alike Seagrass Mat, asst. decorations Medium birds  $12.50 Mal's-E: Add Stuffed Shredder Mats to cart Loaded Chain Approx. 12” Long Asst. Wood, plastic chain, Paulie Medium birds  $13.00 Mal's-E: Add Loaded Chain to cart kabobs2.jpg 10” SS Skewer Shredder Ball 5” Diameter Ball of shredding fun Medium - Large birds  $12.99 Mal's-E: Add Shredder Ball to cart Leather Stars Dragonwood Swing 12” Long Leather lace & stars, wood beads Medium birds  $15.99 Mal's-E: Add Leather Stars to cart Shreddable Roll Holder 11” Tall - 1” Perch - 8” Opening Dragonwood, NP wire  Medium birds - Colors will vary  $17.99 Mal's-E: Add Dragonwood Swing to cart Cornucopia 10” Diameter- No 2 alike Lots of different textures Medium birds  $17.99 Mal's-E: Add Shreddable Fun Platter to cart Approx. 12” Tall - No 2 alike Stuffed with footers Medium - Large birds  $15.99 Mal's-E: Add Patriotic Winner to cart Tiki Tangler Shreddable Fun Platter shredder plate.jpg Approx. 10” Long Vine balls, colorful shred  Medium birds  $9.99 Mal's-E: Add Tiki Tangler to cart Kabob Chips Zombie Offer as a footer or  Thread on a skewer Approx. 20 pieces  $7.25 Mal's-E: Add Kabob Chips to cart 11” Long - 4” Diameter ball Colored sisal, bamboo ball  Medium birds  $12.00 Mal's-E: Add Zombie to cart pinwheels_or.jpg Pinwheels Ding-A-Ling Approx. 14” Long - Colors will vary Paper pinwheels, angel curl straws  Small - Medium birds  $15.99 Mal's-E: Add Pinwheels to cart 11” Long  Varied decorations, NP chain  Medium birds  $13.50 Mal's-E: Add Ding-A-Ling to cart Approx. 9” Long  Comes with roll of paper  Medium - Large birds  $12.50 Mal's-E: Add Shreddable Roll Holder to cart Shredder Tube Super Shredder 18” Long Colorful shredding fun Medium - XL birds  $17.99 Mal's-E: Add Super Shredder to cart Finger Trap Flowers Clowning Around Approx. 12” Long - Colors vary Angel curls, pinwheels, finger traps  Medium - Large birds  $15.99 Mal's-E: Add Finger Trap Flowers to cart 9” Long Vine ball, palm flowers, shred, beads  Medium birds  $9.75 Mal's-E: Add Clowing Around to cart View Cart egg cartons.jpg egg cartons2.jpg
20160814_141924.jpg fishy fun.jpg shredder fun 12.jpg Bucket.jpg 2 QT. Stainless Bucket w/ foots Approx. 5-½” Tall Medium - Large birds  $18.50 Mal's-E: Add 2 QT. Stainless Pail to cart Toys will vary  from  those  shown stuffed mat_pink.jpg stuffed shredder mat 1.jpg loadedchain.jpg Leather Stars.jpg shredder ball_med.jpg dragonwood swing_med.jpg tiki tangler.JPG Mfg. By A Bird Toy medcorn_rwb.jpg 46593_zombie.jpg image5.JPG Round N Round 18” Long 1.5” x 1.5” Wood cubes, wiffle balls Medium birds  $12.00 Mal's-E: Add Round N Round to cart kp_roundnround.jpg Tearin’ Up Time Paper lovers toy Colors will vary Medium birds  $9.00 Mal's-E: Add Tearin' Up Time to cart tearinupbell.jpg tf_shreddable roll holder.jpg image4.JPG 14068366_10210240107379425_3933343219487158657_o.jpg Shredder Poof Approx. 8” - 9” Long Colorful round poof  Medium - Large birds  $15.99 Mal's-E: Add Shredder Poof to cart poof.JPG super shredder.jpg Approx. 11” - 12” Long Colorful tube-shaped poof  Medium - Large birds  $15.99 Mal's-E: Add Shredder Tube to cart clowing around.JPG Mfg. By A Bird Toy Medium/Large Toys Next Page   >> International orders,  please send order to: Sales@parrottoyangels.org. We’ll calculate the shipping & send you an invoice.
View Cart Small/Medium  Medium/Large  Large/XL  Foot Toys  Holiday Toys 10” SS Skewer Foraging Flower 13” DIameter Stuff it with treats! Great forager Medium - Large birds  $12.50 Mal's-E: Add Foraging Flower to cart Bagel Rolls 16” Long - 7” Wide Corrugated paper, 3” bagels, shred Medium - Large birds  $14.75 Mal's-E: Add Bagel Rolls to cart foraging flower.jpg Only 1 Available


stuffed shredder mat5.jpg fun platter_purple.jpg fun platter_red.jpg 12” Long - 4” Wide Corrugated paper, shreds  Medium birds  $13.99 Mal's-E: Add Cannoli w/Shreds to cart Cannoli w/ Shreds cannoli.jpg


shred.jpg rolls.jpg