Parrot Toy Angels

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Foot Toys Logobirdtrans.gif $25.00 Minimum Order, Please Click Guidelines for Info Preen Me Baseball size wiffle ball Cotton rope, asst. larger beads Medium - XL birds  $9.25 Topsy Turvy 5” Wide - Colors will vary Spinner, animal beads Medium  birds  $3.00 Mal's-E: Add Topsy Turvy to cart Approx. 4” Long -  Colors vary Cotton rope, pony beads Small - Medium birds    Bears   $2.50        Stars   $2.50 Mal's-E: Add Beaded Bears to cart Beaded Bears -OR- Stars Heart Cookies Fiddle de Stiks 4-½” Long Cotton rope, plastic craft stick Small - Medium birds  $2.00 Mal's-E: Add Fiddle de Stiks to cart Truman’s Treat Spoon 6” Long Wood beads & discs Medium - Large birds  $3.75 Mal's-E: Add Truman's Treat to cart Footer Packs/Refills 5 per ~ Tiny, Small, Medium, or Large Footers may vary from those shown depending on availability Rollie Bead Cage 4” Tall Wood balls, leather, marbella rings Medium - Large birds  $5.00 Mal's-E: Add Rollie Bead Cage to cart Rattling Balls Golf ball size wiffles - Colors vary They RATTLE! Medium birds  $1.75 Mal's-E: Add Rattling Balls to cart Footer Curls Tongue Pleazers 2-¼” Wide - Colors will vary  Acrylic hearts, rings, pony beads Medium birds  $2.25 Mal's-E: Add Here's My Heart to cart 3” Wide 2” plastic chain, SS hardware Large - XL birds  $9.99 Mal's-E: Add Tongue Pleazers to cart L’il Foraging Cups Here’s My Heart 1-¾” Diameter Wood bead, colorful shred  Small - Medium birds  $2.50 Mal's-E: Add L'il Foraging Cups to cart Nuts & Bolts Mini Nuts & Bolts Approx. 2-½” Long - 1-½” Wide  Fun talon toy! Medium - Large birds  4/$5.00 Mal's-E: Add Nuts & Bolts - lg./4 pk. to cart Approx. 1” WIde Great for foraging!  Small - Medium birds  3/$1.25 Mal's-E: Add Foraging Puzzles/ 3 pk. to cart Approx. 2-½” Long - 1-½” Wide Fun talon toy for the littles!  Small birds  6/$2.75 Mal's-E: Add Mini Nuts & Bolts/6 pk. to cart Crabby Cupcakes 5” Wide Wooden beads, cotton rope   Medium birds  $2.75 Mal's-E: Add Crabby to cart Foraging Puzzles 2” Tall - Colors will vary   They rattle!  Medium birds  $2.00 Mal's-E: Add Cupcakes to cart 9” Long - Colors will vary Angel curls, finger traps  Medium birds  $2.25 Mal's-E: Add Footer Curls to cart Approx. 3” x 3” - Colors will vary Stuffed with a surprise inside Medium birds      1/$1.50                       2 pk./$2.50 Mal's-E: Add Heart Cookie to cart Bracelet Footz 3” Diameter Charms, decorations vary Medium birds  $4.50 Mal's-E: Add Bracelet Footz to cart Toy Making Supply Index Next Page   >> <<   Previous Page     ||     Top     ||     Supply Index    >> View Cart View Cart preen me.jpg Mal's-E: Add Preen Me to cart topsyturvy.jpg stars_21.jpg bears_21.jpg Mal's-E: Add Beaded Stars to cart heartcookies1.jpg cookies_open1.jpg Inside View Mal's-E: Add Heart Cookie/ 2 pk. to cart fiddle de sticks.jpg trumanstreat.jpg Gracie enjoying her PTA footer tiny.jpg small.jpg Tiny ‘Lovies,  Parrotlets 5/ $9.00 Small ‘Tiels,  Sm. Conures 5/ $10.00 large2.jpg med3.jpg Medium Conures,  Quakers 5/ $11.00 Large Greys, ‘Zons,  Sm. ‘Toos 5/ $13.00 Mal's-E: Add Tiny Footer Refill to cart Mal's-E: Add Small Footer Refill to cart Mal's-E: Add Medium Footer Refill to cart Mal's-E: Add Large Footer Refill to cart se_rollie1.jpg dt_rattlingballs_crop.jpg bracelet footz.jpg hearts.jpg lil foraging cups.jpg tongue pleazers.JPG nuts bolts.jpg mini_bolts.jpg sm puzzles.jpg crabby.jpg Cupcakes to TC.jpg tf_footer curls.jpg Bagel Footer Parrot Lollis Chains bagel footer.jpg Approx. 5” Wide - Colors will vary Bagel, large acrylic bead  Large birds  $3.25 Mal's-E: Add Bagel Footer to cart 6-½” Long - Colors will vary Wooden with angel curls  Medium - XL birds  $3.25 Mal's-E: Add Parrot Lollis to cart Approx. 3” Long - 1” to 1-½” Wide Angel curls, finger traps  Medium birds  $2.00 Mal's-E: Add Chains to cart Parrot lollis.jpg chains.jpg Small/Medium  Medium/Large  Large/XL  Foot Toys  Holiday Toys