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Frequently Asked Questions
FAQs on being an “Angel”
1.   How do I become an “Angel”?
Click Here.  All we ask is that you participate monthly by either making toys to donate to a project, sending parts and supplies to another angel or making a small financial donation to PTA.  

2.   Why so often?
We’re a very small group of volunteers and we need participation from all our angels on a monthly basis.
3.   What if I can’t?
We understand “Life” sometimes gets in the way…. after you’ve participated in a few  projects and earned your wings you may be ‘excused’ from participation...but not for more than 3 months. We feel that’s only fair to the angels that work on every project.  We also do not expect you to participate in every project we undertake!

4.   How do I get reimbursed for supplies I used and postage?
You provide your postal and supply receipt, along with completing our Angel  Reimbursement form and you’ll be Paypaled within 24 hours.

5.   What if I don’t want to be reimbursed?  I’d rather donate my supplies and postage?
That’s perfectly fine also.  In fact, we much appreciate these donations.

6.   What does it mean when you say “earn your wings”.
All our angels have a customized signature with their birds and our web address.  This is what we call “earning your wings”.

7.  How do I earn my wings?
By submitting project toys to one of our “Toy Inspectors” and passing inspection with the  toys being forwarded on to a project.  You must participate in two (2) projects successfully to ‘earn your wings’.

8.   Why are you inspecting my toys?
We must assure all toys sent out are of the highest quality and safe.  Safety is our #1 concern.

9.   What if I leave the group or am asked to leave?  May I still use my wings?
NO, your wings are a privilege for being a member in ‘good-standing” with Parrot Toy Angels.

10. Can I recommend a friend for membership?
Certainly!  They just have to answer a few questions and agree to our rules.

11. Can I recommend someone for a project?
Certainly!  But please don’t do in on the list.  Send all pertinent information to   

12. When can I do an “Angel Delivery”?
When you’ve been a member in “good standing” for a least 6 months.
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