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Parrot Toy Angels

Kathy W. in Clinton, IA

Marie-Therese Paille, Quebec, CA                                            

Amey R in Shelley, ID                                                                 

Teri M in Prescott Valley, AZ                                                     

Chico the Orange Wing ‘Zon, Lansing, MI                                

Cindy N in Summerville, SC                                                        

Borrowed Rainbow, Flint, MI                                                         

Milo’s Ranch, Loxahatchee, FL                                                 

Parrot Adopt of Southern Ontario, Canada                                

Katherine & Tory in Austin, CO                                                  

Sue O in Winfield, MO                                                                 

The Gabriel Foundation, Denver, CO                                        

JudyK in Alabama                                                                       

Linda & Ralph LaDuke

Capital District Cage Bird Club, Albany, NY   

The Bailey Foundation, Boothwyn, PA                                     

Southeast Parrot Rescue, LaGrange, GA                                 

Lily Sanctuary, Fountain Valley, CA                                           

LaPaz, the blind Hyacinth

Nicki P in Greeley, Colorado                                                      

Wingfeathers in South Carolina                                                 

CSP - Val-Alain, Canada                                                            

Phyllis Real, Ft. Collins, CO                                                      

BirdLove Avian Sanctuary, Columbia, SC                                 

Roni Badesso in Pennsylvania                                                  

Arcadia Bird Sanctuary, Freehold. NJ                                        

Clara Broussard in Louisiana                                                     

Sandy Eck & LC the wondertiel, Ohio                                        

Emily Heenan in Washington                                                      

Second Flight Parrot Sanctuary & Education, Canada            

Debi Tullier in Gretna, LA                                                            

Iowa Parrot Rescue, Letts, IA                                                   

Katrina Birds, Baton Rouge, LA                                                 

Sherry in Indiana                                                                        

‘Too Haven, Summerville, SC                                                    

Jennifer in Canada                                                                     

CSP - Valleedesforts, Canada                                                  

Linda, Luvtiels in Washington                                                   

Wings of Love Bird Haven, Red Oak, TX                                 

Jessi in Australia     

Harley’s Haven, Rhode Island                                                    

Cassie the ‘too                                                                                                       

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