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About the Parrot Toy Angels
About Parrot Toy Angels: the Toy-making Guardian Angels of Parrots in Need

Parrot Toy Angels is committed to providing toys, food and other avian supplies to companion birds in need. Our heartfelt desire is to help out as many needy feathered friends as possible, one bird at a time. We are dedicated to helping the individuals who have done so much to help our feathered friends.

Who we are: Angels Amongst Us

Parrot Toy Angels is an all-volunteer group comprised of big-hearted bird owners throughout the US, Canada and parts worldwide. We have Angels from all different backgrounds and walks of life volunteering their time, talent and energy to undertake this rewarding work. Parrot Toy Angel membership is strictly voluntary: the only payment we receive is the heart-felt thanks from the very special folks that we help and the fulfilling knowledge that birds will not go without toys.

What we do: Committed to making a difference, one bird at a time

Life-altering changes, natural disasters or simply an organizationís lack of funding all can have negative emotional and physical impact on birds and companion caregivers alike.

Parrot Toy Angelsí primary purpose is to help these birds in need by arranging ďAngel ProjectsĒ, which are deliveries of care packages of toys, food and other avian supplies, for those who need them most. Our Angel Projects help ease the burden for the generous individuals & organizations providing safe havens for needy feathered friends.

Many birds have benefited from the generous hearts of caring individuals, and their generosity hasnít gone unnoticed. What our organization does for needy companion birds and their caregivers:

   * Organizes deliveries of care packages of toys, food and other avian supplies for Angel Projects.
   * Provides a venue for volunteer toymakers and bird owners to create and gather toys, food and other avian supplies for Angel Projects.
   * Provides oversight and guidance in the areas of toy-making, toy safety and parrot behavior.

We also organize and run various fundraisers throughout the year to help pay for toy-making parts and reimburse shipping costs.

As an organization, we understand that itís the time, talent and generous donations of toys and food from our volunteers, supporters, and the avian community that makes Parrot Toy Angels possible. We try to reciprocate this generosity by:
   * Providing an online venue for interactive discussions and exchange of ideas among our volunteers relating to toy safety, parrot behavior and other avian areas of interest.
   * Educating bird owners on the importance of proper avian care through our website and monthly newsletter.
   * Creating awareness, promoting community spirit and facilitating togetherness within the avian community through our website, publications, seminars, exhibits, etc

Parrot Toy Angels participates in GuideStar, the on-line standard for nonprofit accountability. For additional information about Parrot Toy Angels, please visit our listing at GuideStar.

If you know of an organization or individual needing Angel help, send an email to with all the details.
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